And at least reach a certain height

I looked again online — and I discovered GuidoMaggi and watched it had changed from the elevator marketplace. Given what I had seen previously, I was entranced. They key now was that the fashions looked trendy, many looked just like normal fashion boots, such as brogues (wingtips in North America) or boots you’d wear on a night out, or into the office as a younger guy — maybe not all were my kinda stuff, but plenty plenty were. In large dimensions. And colors. And I thought hard and long about it. What did I wish to achieve and could I manage it. I work hard, make well but I am simply NOT the kind who spends. Well in the end I went crazy and purchased a pair of the boots with the biggest 5″ elevator — I am already tall, have a bit of a thing about wanting to be very very tall and presumed”Go for it”. [I’d btw not advise most guys to really go for 5″ first off!] . But I think for myself which I was helped in my’transition’ by the simple fact that I’d used lift sport shoe, had already got used to’being’ taller and so the next stage up was just so easy.

And the main thing was that the relaxation. OMG the difference is spectacular. I do wear lifts quite sometimes in some things but it’s never successful or too comfortable. And today that GuidoMaggi carries a full assortment of all types of footwear, I’ve identified many I enjoy.


And this is truly the stage and here are a few thoughts — lifts are a fantastic way of testing out at first increased height and making you understand –“OMG nobody really KNOWS I am adding height”. You yourself FEEL taller but nobody else is aware of what you are doing. It is the home of going with lifts to the confidence. Once you have worn lifts for some time you will certainly want to go on to lifts. Lifts are just a method of trying height that is added out.

And of course an important matter — it is apparent that making footwear allowing for height that is extra is a type of science. It can not be just jamming a few inches on a boot that is standard and is not. So elevator casual shoes make your added height look the only natural and the upper etc are forced to make it look normal — maybe not as if your upper straining against leather or laces and is raised. If you go TOO high with , then you get that unnatural looking and feeling position where your presses hard.

This isn’t comfortable, although by and large no-one will notice. Elevators do not do that. They match and provide you the inches. The key to adding elevation that is serious, ultimately for me, has been to get to the max and with comfort. Before getting your lifts 15, Including a few inches max helps you to finesse your walking. Not everybody has this problem, but heading up with a little bit of lift initially and breaking it in over a couple weeks makes you suddenly realize”Wow that is EASY”.