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The GREAT things about being taller

Imho everybody is interested in this particular feeling of simply being NATURALLY taller. We want to be taller — most of us likely into an impractical amount if we were given the chance! However it must be imperceptible and feel completely 100% right. When you realize it’s so easy if you follow the principles, the […]

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These Nike ‘Jesus Shoes’ Filled with Holy Water Are Already

If that remains true in 2019, let us be true: Jesus would not walk in Yeezys (I’d bet that not even the Top can really time that drop), but he might skip the sandals to decide on something a little more on brand. So please, meet the”Jesus Shoes,” a pair of Water-filled, Frankincense-scented Nike shoes […]

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Elegant Moccasins: A Must-Have for the Summer

In a world where fashion changes in the blink of an eye, some tendencies remain evergreens. A symbol of not just elegance but also versatility, the moccasin is a must-have casual shoe for each and every man wardrobe for the summer of 2019. The shoes are a trend for years now, adding charm even in […]

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What are the benefits of cycling shoes?

If you pedal on streets , up mountainsides or within an indoor course, your feet don’t touch the earth much when you are biking. However, that which you wear for your rides can make a large difference in your workout.Cycling shoes generally have rigid soles, clips or cleats that attach right to your bike pedals, […]

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Business Meeting: the elevator shoes to wear to get you to the top

Impeccable design and confidence is something that will translate incredibly well in any company meeting. As well as being confident, well prepared and well presented, an immaculate style with a touch of individuality will help enhance all of your other attributes. The perfect outfit is the key to success in a fulfilling . The style […]

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Lifting shoes fashion pays homage to the past

The new proposals, motivated by the seventies, are irresistible. Such as the Varenne Capsule Collection, in the title of luxury sportswear: that the Varenne Vintage sneakers by GuidoMaggi are motivated by the iconic versions of the 70s, made of black rubberized calf leather, polished calf leather with used effect from the particular grey nuance and […]

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Elevator Shoes for an Outfit Always Cool!

We’re in the middle of the Christmas vacations, and involving the dinners with friends, lunches with family and New Year’s Eve, our focus is concentrated to the most acceptable outfit for each occasion. Now it’s the perfect time to show off all of our charm, wear clothes that are great and revel in relaxing moments […]