Say hello to the METARACER, ASICS’s most innovative long-distance racing shoe yet. It was designed to help performance athletes reach their peak and combines the revolutionary GUIDESOLE™ technologies with a carbon plate to provide runners more equilibrium.
The shoe includes a better toe-spring contour that reduces the load on the calf muscle by up to 20 percent for superior energy efficiency. The shoe also helps athletes to remain fresh, thanks to a lightweight but inviting ENGINEERED MESH upper which keeps feet cool in warm and humid weather. ASICS scientists have found that each degree less heat in a running shoe radically improves an athlete’s well-being.
Olympic triathlete Henri Schoeman was training in the METARACER for a while now. “The energy-saving technologies and carbon plate is really a game changer,” he explained.

flat shoe

“When I booted up the METARACER initially it felt quite different from a regular racing apartment. It has a bit of a bounce that’s actually quite nice and the relaxation of it is very excellent .”
“When I started getting into my stride I started feeling that the efficiency in the way I property off to toe, I discovered that I’m not putting as much effort into pushing off the ground as I would with a normal racing flat shoe in a similar rate.”
After a very long interval track session, Henri noted he felt less fatigued than before, almost as though I could have carried on a bit longer.
Based on Henri, the shoe will operate for anything in a 5k to a marathon, this, as a way to the FLYTEFOAM™ technologies in the midsole, which is lightweight and gives both a softer run and improved responsiveness.
And, should that 5k or marathon be in foul weather, the exceptional materials used on the only — with ASICS grip™ and WET GRIP RUBBER™ SPONGE – enhances grip even in wet conditions.