Fit to Run? The New Under Armour Smart Running Shoes will Tell you!

UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE

Well! A pair of best running shoes can reduce the risk of harm, so choose one suitable running shoes is necessary. Okay, just make a short and here will share with you our introduction of new Under Amour smart running shoes then you may be clearly which running shoes would suit you!

Under Armour has officially unveiled the successor to its SpeedForm Gemini 2 RE smart running shoe with three new styles to choose from and more data now on offer for runners.

The UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE ($160), Velociti RE ($140) and Europa RE ($160) range pack in the same sensors as the Gemini 2 shoe to offer automatic run tracking and the ability to record data including cadence, real-time pace as well as storing the mileage lifetime of the shoe.

All of that data is stored in the iOS and Android-friendly MapMyRun app, which is integrated with Under Armour’s Record app that pulls in data from other UA wearables including the UA Band and UA Heart Rate chest strap.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 3 RE

Along with some basic running stats, Under Armour is also adding a new Jump Test feature that scientifically measures muscular fatigue level to help you decide whether you should be putting in a big 10 miler. It works by measuring the average air time of a sequence of jumps. It should help users track recovery status over time and provide guidance on how to alter the intensity of a workout.

Under Armour's new smart running shoes will tell you if you're fit to run

The Gemini 3 features a knit midfoot panel for added support and charged cushioning for improved responsiveness. The new collection aims to cater for a wider range of runners, whether you’re all about endurance or you prefer to pick up the pace. The Europa is a more lightweight option with a mesh tongue and toe box for a more snug fit and increased ventilation. The Velocity is another lightweight shoe that includes an embedded sock liner for increased support and charged cushioning for an extra layer of durability. Like the Gemini 2, you don’t need to charge any of these connected shoes.