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With taller guys, some of it may be about competition — the benefits of height outweigh the minuses, there is actually no doubt about that, and that I see in my working scenario (in clubs) how guys ARE really aggressive in this region. This just appears to have grown in the past several years. Never let anybody fool you with”yeah, bad me, having to fit into a aircraft chair”. Little stuff, and no guy who states that believes it to be a serious matter. Never have I ever heard in all of my time working in nightclubs. Height is not everything of course, quite far away from it, but the few inches constantly helps. And this is known by guys. When I began working in clubs in about 99/2000 I saw the effect of three really built 6’6″ guys on everybody else (women, other guys etc) and nobody said convincingly”too tall” — yep, they were also well constructed which is a critical incentive to decide on height shoes, but they ruled that the location and it was a lesson I never forgot. This business of image and size has changed a lot even since then (a lot like body image for men as well I suppose ) over the previous 20 years — everything is bigger. Cartoons and graphics all now feature huge muscle guys, Batman and Superman have grown with massive muscle suits on actors to make them seem huge (just examine the difference between these images as filmed today and in the 80s), popular papers give way more exposure to men in fact reveals etc if they’re big, usually displaying them around the beach etc and fretting about the”supertall, muscular, washboard abs” etc etc.. This thing for size is relatively new and has a direct impact.
Obviously, men casual shoes have the advantage when it comes to stuff like building their bodies up — way simpler for a 5’6″ guy to build big and quick than a 6’6″ man. If you are tall, then you can get away with a lot concerning adding height — that I include 5″ (or 4″ in some boots) and enjoy being at the 2m/6’6″ range. I know lots of others who are the exact same. The thing if you’re tall is you must ensure your pants/jeans are long enough, but else actually is your decision. Guys who are tall and include height nearly not have an issue with people suspecting they add height — it is counter-intuitive for most to believe a 6′ guy would put in several inches and you are taller than nearly all girls anyway even without the excess. But the usual caveats apply — if your lifestyle is very sporty, or shore oriented, and you also enjoy wearing no shoes occasionally, then you need to restrict your height addition: the up and down is LESS noticeable but still can be if you have a partner who is same type of height and you are trying to hit 4″/5″ extra.