How can shoeshellen sports shoes dry faster on the basis of sun exposure?

How can sports shoes dry faster on the basis of sun exposure? In fact, there are many things at home that can help us. Electric fan, speeding up air circulation is a very good way to make shoes dry quickly. Drying shoes with hair dryer will not damage shoes, neither on the upper nor cause deformation. So it is suggested that when you cool your sneakers, you can turn the electric fan to the sneakers. In this way, the shoes can be dried faster.
Heating, with heating, the temperature near the heating is about 20 ℃. In the cold winter can help our sports shoes dry faster, so shoes can be placed near the heating. But pay attention not to directly put on the heating, because the temperature may exceed 60 ℃, which will cause damage to the sole. So it’s best to get close to the heating and make it to dry. Don’t be discouraged if there’s no heating in the south. It’s the same if there’s a heater at home. The temperature of the heater can be more than 60 ℃, because Shiqu Jun has seen someone use the heater to bake sausages. So be careful not to burn your hands.
Hair dryer, speed up air circulation, sports mens shoes will dry very fast. A hair dryer is perfect. Directly put the blowing mouth of the hair dryer into the shoes, and then use the warm wind gear to blow. As the water evaporates, the shoes dry fast. If you want to speed up, you can wrap a dry towel around the inside and outside of the shoes, and then blow it in the opposite direction, so that the hot air can blow into each gap more fully to take away the water vapor, and the shoes can be dried in less than 10 minutes.