Lifting shoes fashion pays homage to the past

The new proposals, motivated by the seventies, are irresistible. Such as the Varenne Capsule Collection, in the title of luxury sportswear: that the Varenne Vintage sneakers by GuidoMaggi are motivated by the iconic versions of the 70s, made of black rubberized calf leather, polished calf leather with used effect from the particular grey nuance and dark green suede. The elevator shoes of this new Varenne collection figure out how to combine luxury and sportiness: actual high-design creations, the end result of passion and research, able to raise height from 2.4 (6 cm) around 4 inches (10 centimeters) in absolute comfort.
At the latest men’s style shows, we can also see another trend for fall 2019: fashion motivated by English Britpop. That casual, unkempt but elegant look that the bands loved to show off so much. Among these years’ latest bands, from Blur to Oasis, from Stone Roses to Verve, the posh casual appearance dominated the scenes. Their design feel and the bands have been the symbol of sophistication and coziness at the exact same moment. From polo’s to shirts to parkas prefers suede and lace-up models. Even the option of GM models does not disappoint. Amongst others, the Carnegie Hill oxford sports shoes. Extremely refined, it is a distinctive alternate to get an British style. Made of calf leather using punching on a leather sole and the top stitched at sight with anti-slip rubber. The design and natural reflections of the upper make Carnegie Hill exceptional and precious.