The New 2017 SX 130 Ski Boots Review


Expert skiers with high volume feet will look back at the introduction of the new Lange SX 130 Ski Boots for 2017 as a landmark day in boot history. If you’re looking at 102mm boots then it stands to reason you have a thicker, wider foot and larger calf. And that means the Lange SX shape is ideal for you. It’s essentially a blown-up version of Lange’s medium RX.

And if you’ve got that meaty a foot, one might assume that the rest of you is big too. Right? And because you’re thinking Lange, perhaps you know how to stand on a ski and make it work? Well, today we will share with our review of Lange SX 130 Ski Boots.



Head and shoulders above most wide class rides, testers said. RS and RX lineage runs deep. It has deceptively fast super-heavyweight quickness and legit 130 raw power on edge. All that without ever having to unbuckle on the chair. Some testers said the stance was a little too upright for them but guys with thicker calves will be dialed fore and aft.


Cool Features

The 120 is black with green buckle highlights, the 130 is black with neat orange buckles. That’s a cool feature right? Yeah, this is a stripped down elemental boot. Find your frills and fluff elsewhere. There’s a cam lock power strap on the 130 not found elsewhere in the line. The lateral cuff adjustment is single-sided and Ultra Grip soles are replaceable and cantable via Cantology shims.



Control Fit Technology – Lange scanned the feet of 20,000 skiers from around the world with a new, state-of-the-art 3D imaging system to develop this combination of shell last and liner execution designed to fit more feet accurately and comfortably. Using this analysis, Lange learned that most skiers benefit from a wider, asymmetrical toe box combined with a slightly narrower, more deeply articulated ankle pocket than is found in competitors’ products. The combination of more room in the forefoot and more accuracy in the ankle delivers the best of both worlds: comfort and performance.

Last: 102 mm – The first and only 102 mm mono-injection boot mold blends high-performance with an accessible fit for all-day comfort. Provides a comfortable, more forgiving forefoot width for higher volume feet while retaining a retentive heel cup.