The color everyone will wear-trendy blue

The Pantone color of 2020 represented at the new models of this GuidoMaggi spring-summer selection: exclusive masterpieces which are a subtle combination between tradition and innovation. It is an unmissable chance in order to celebrate the new season that’s forthcoming spring shoe. Officially crowned in 2020, the classic blue overlooks and imposes itself together with the glam soul that arouses calmness and tranquility elegance at the same time. The new season will be characterized by this color, which is already becoming a must-have every wardrobe, and with leather, combined of course that triumphs in the fashion catwalks. GuidoMaggi, as always, expects the trends and enriches the new elevator shoes collection with handmade and tailored models that improve the Pantone chromatic option. From classic lift shoes to slip-ons, the GuidoMaggi proposals, created with leathers and materials of the highest quality, are best for any occasion and are capable of giving around 6 inches (15 centimeters) longer in height at absolute discretion, when preserving unparalleled comfort and sophistication.
The choice an elegance that is enhanced even more by the option of a deep, solid and noble shade on which we can always rely. Welcoming and charming at the exact same time. In chromotherapy, this color reflects balance, tranquility, and calmness. A color, that has come to be the compass of top fashion and it has every right to do so. In the GuidoMaggi spring-summer set, a roundup of versions will honor the choice of a timeless and cool colour in the simplest way possible. Let’s begin with a men’s dresses classic, a navy blue derby with a black and black all-natural rubber sole. lady Shoes that are 100% made in Italy, which will increase height up to 3.1 inches (8 cm) and give an irresistible allure to your appearance caused by a meticulous attention to detail and the use of precious raw materials. The identical charm that amuses the elevator slip-ons, made from textured blue calfskin and white only in ultra-light natural rubber. A version that must be shown off during your time ride with friends. It is a sporty-chic touch that will increase your elevation by 2.4 inches (6 centimeters) and also make your outfit unique at precisely the exact same time. They are glamorous and comfortable while providing you.