Top-Rated Running Shoe: Hoka One One Arahi Review

Hoka One One Arahi - Sole

HOKA ONE ONE has expanded its well-cushioned line by introducing its first stability shoe, the Arahi, which offers a fabulous combination of support and stability fused with lightweight cushion, with an upper fit that is very similar to what I’ve experienced previously from HOKA.

Runners who love HOKA’s signature cushion but also need a more structured shoe have been wanting the brand to offer a shoe with more stability.

Arahi is HOKA’s answer to this demand, and the shoe offers low to moderate stability similar to that of Brooks’ Ravenna 8 but with a higher degree of cushion.

The cushion is delightful but also absorbs a bit of energy rather than transferring everything applied into the toe-off. Well! Here’s the top-rated running shoe for Hoka One One Arahi review.


Hoka One One Arahi Sole Unit


I find the most dramatic changes offered by HOKA toward increased stability and durability to come in Arahi’s sole unit.

Hoka One One Arahi - Sole

There is a bit of counter to that pronation as well, but the shoe’s highest strength is still found in its lightweight cushion. In addition to HOKA’s standard wide base, Arahi features a more durable sole unit in key areas along the medial aspect and lateral heel, with the introduction of the brand’s J-Frame midsole technology as well as more durable rubber in parts of the outsole.

The “J” of firmer-density EVA foam wraps around the heel and extends medially, keeping the shoe lightweight while allowing it to withstand both repeated pounding and increased medial pressure from overpronation.



Hoka One One Arahi Upper Info

The synthetic upper patterned with thin stripes molds to my foot just a bit better than Clifton 2’s, providing a more secure fit, though it maintains HOKA’s more narrow midfoot.

Hoka One One Arahi - Top

Too much tightening of the laces still pinches a bit laterally. The heel fit is loose, but using those “extra” heel-lock holes at the top of the laces keeps my heel from sliding around too much.

(This is the only shoe I’ve been able to use those holes on, anyway, without the laces cutting into my ankles! But it goes along with keeping the full lacing a bit more loose.)

Hoka One One Arahi Conclusions

Arahi came along when I needed a highly cushioned shoe to ease some pressure from the repeated pounding of high-mileage weeks (60-70 is high for me). It’s an excellent shoe for recovery runs, and, if you love the fit, for longer runs as well.

Hoka One One Arahi - Medial Side

I ranked this shoe very highly because it lives up to the company’s claim to offer a lightweight, highly-cushioned shoe with “just a touch” more stability and support.